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The Error in The Mainstream Scientific Paradigm of Reality and The Explanation of The Unified Field in Terms of Consciousness

This was originally a response to a question by my friend David Hudson (His Blog Here about why I believe Consciousness may be all that exists, and that the physical world as we know it is merely a derivitave of that force which I label "consciousness" merely for the sake of explanation.

Now I preface all of this by saying that these sorts of topics really can't be "proven" under any conventional means, just as we can't "prove" how old the earth is, the exact course of our evolution, what happened in the beginning of the cosmos, etc. We can only take data in, analyze it, and form educated opinions on what might be the truth. 

First I want to say that I phrased it wrong when I originally said "thought preceedes matter, aka consciousness precedes matter" because that isn't quite correct. What I meant to say is, "yes matter does not preceed consciousness, but neither does consciousness preceed matter because matter and consciousness for all intents and purposes are the same thing. Therefore one cannot preceed the other, but are different manifestations of the same underlying force." To convince you of that huge concept, I'd need a great deal more time and in the end, you'd probably just have to do your own research because that isn't something someone can just tell you. You will never believe something that so violently contradicts your experience of reality unless you do your own research and come to the conclusion on your own. But I'm saying it's my personal opinion which I have formed after endless research into Physics, Philosophy, and Introspection, and the following information contributes to why I believe that particular concept.

The Skeleton in Quantum Physics' Closet: The Quantum Enigma

So it all really begins with what many call the "Quantum Enigma." There is actually a book called "The Quantum Enigma" published by Oxford press that is used in high-level physics classrooms to introduce the collapse of the wavefunction experiment that for the first time in human history has verified the concept that consciousness has a direct impact on what it observes. You can see a metaphorical explaination by college students of the experiment Here: ( part 2 is linked after the video ends) If you want to see documentation of the actual experiment (which gets very complicated, but if you're into physics like I am, then you'll probably like that approach better) you can just look up "The Two Slit Experiment" or "The Quantum Measurement Problem". I have actually explained the Two Slit experiment which shows consciousness has a direct impact on the material world in previous papers, and this is such a fundamental truth of Quantum Physics that there is absolutely no debate among the scientific community about the experiment. There is only debate about what the implications are, and that is where Philosophy comes into play. So if you have not accepted that this experiment is real, and scientifically verifies that consciousness alone can influence the outcome of a Quantum Mechanics experiment, then please make sure you go read up on the Two Slit experiment.

The next aspect of the development of the "Consciousness is all that is" concept can be derived from Quantum Entanglement, which Einstein called "Spooky action at a distance". **This can also be found in the book "The Quantum Enigma" and for a purely scientific viewpoint, I strongly suggest reading it, as it is a book which employs solely experimental fact with no philosophy behind it except in certain sections to explain the consequences of these experimental discoveries.** 

Quantum Entanglement - "Spooky Action at a Distance"

Let me preface the Quantum Entanglement section by saying it is increasingly difficult to locate a non-biased experimental explaination of the Quantum Entanglement Proton experiment so I'll just sum it up myself and you can look it up to verify what I'm saying, just keep in mind they might be explaining it from a biased perspective.


So basically scientists took a photon, shot it into a mirror split into a V shape. The photon hits the Bottom of the V and splits into 2 seemingly-separate photons, one going exactly at 90 degrees to the left, and one going at exactly 90 degrees to the right, in the opposite direction from eachother at the speed of light. The experiment is done over a distance so vast that the light (travelling at 299,792,458 meters per second) would have to travel over 299,792,458 meters in one second for one photon to affect the other at the distance they were separated, which would be physically impossible. So lets just say they were separated by 500,000,000 meters just for sake of explaining the experiment. After they are 500,000,000 meters apart, one photon hits a device in the machine that inverts the photon's polarity, while the other photon has nothing done to it. The scientist on one side of the experiment instantly records the data received from the photon about its polarity, while the other scientist does the same. No matter how many times they do the experiment, and no matter how many variables they change about one proton, the other proton ALWAYS has the same exact variables, over a distance so vast that it is impossible for one to have influenced the other by physical means. This is quantum entanglement.


If we take the discovery of Quantum Entanglement at face value, and apply no philosophy to discover the underlying "meaning" behind the phenomena, then we develop devices like laser technology, the famous MRI, the new invention of "teleportation communication"( even AT&T has implemented repeating quantum-entangled protons in fiber optics for lightning fast internet. But when we look at the philosophy behind it, (which of course most physicists do not like to do as it puts them in a position to receive much skepticism and opprobrium from the community, and could even cost them their job in many cases) you can quickly see that there does not need to be a physical interaction of two "separate" entitys for one to influence the other.

This directly contradicts the notion of separatism, as for separatism to be valid, no object could affect another object without a physical force exerted upon it. We could stop right there and say "therefore matter most likely does not precede consciousness because consciousness not only directly impacts matter (instantaneously) but matter itself isn't even as "separate" as we view it; most if not all of the composition of the quantum world of which we are made of is quantum entangled and exerts non-physical forces over impossible distances." but this wouldn't be the best explaination possible so I'll include one more thing:

Upgrading the Standard Model of Physics

Now I'm going to attempt to explain this briefly, as you can find all of this information in the links below, which are video lectures going in-depth to explain these concepts. But for those of you who aren't aware, the majority of the scientific community believes there are major "forces" that govern our existence:

  • The "Strong" force that holds the subatomic particles of the nucleus of an atom together. 
  • The "Weak" force which repels the subatomic particles of atoms, making them break up at certain masses, and make radioactive decay possible.
  • The Electromagnetic force which holds atoms and molecules together.
  • Gravity

The last factor that will help explain the theory we have been discussing, that "consciousness is all that is", for the purposes of this discussion is the most recent proposals in Quantum Physics, and an upgrade to the conventional Quantum Model to replace the "Strong" nuclear force with Gravity as the force holding nuclei together in atoms, as well as introducing the concept that the protons in an atom actually meet the Schwarzschild condition of being a literal black hole due to size and density. (You can see a quick 6 minute quick rundown of this at (I suggest watching the lengthy FULL VIDEO AT

We haven't discussed the "weak" force in this paper, but it's safe to suggest that if the "strong" force is to be replaced with Gravity on a Quantum level, then the "weak" force would also be a derivative of the effects of Quantum gravity and spin on subatomic particles in an atom. As far as Electromagnetism goes, there are many prestegious groups in the scientific community who believe electromagnetism is also directly related to gravity, if not a function of it, and have this to say about Electromagnetism:

"the electromagnetic force manifests itself through the forces between charges (Coulomb's Law) and the magnetic force, both of which are summarized in the Lorentz force law. Fundamentally, both magnetic and electric forces are manifestations of an exchange force involving the exchange of photons. The quantum approach to the electromagnetic force is called quantum electrodynamics or QED. The electromagnetic force is a force of infinite range which obeys the inverse square law, and is of the same form as the gravity force." (

Taking Haramein's theories and their implications, with the implications of Quantum Entanglement and the affect of consciousness on matter as observed by the Quantum Measurement problem we cannot develop a perfect picture of reality, but we can strongly suggest that the world as we have viewed it has not only been majorly flawed, but almost completely opposite from the experiments leading to the recent discoveries in Quantum Physics. These experiments and new discoveries which suggest the unification of forces and non-locality of particles all lead to the implication that all matter is unified and that there is no separation in our reality, except through the limitation of our perception. This is to say that separation is an illusion caused by our sensory perception.


I'm not going to tell you "this is why it is true, and that's the way it is" because that would be ignorant. But what I'm saying is there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests we need to redefine our current model of physics both on a Quantum level and a conventional level. A significant portion of the population has no idea about these experiments and these new discoveries, yet we use the technology that has been developed with these principals every day in hospitals, shopping malls, and even some of our homes. 

It is much EASIER to believe that we are all separate billiard balls in a physical universe of random chance, because we have grown up hearing all of the data supporting those concepts and little to no data supporting alternative views. But these discoveries have been around for over 100 years and the only reason they aren't mainstream is because people don't like to be "wrong". They cling to their beliefs as if they were the only thing that defines them, as if they are proven wrong they will somehow lose an aspect of themselves. 

But, if I cannot convince you that there is most likely no "physical" world at all in the way we thought, but is all a derivative of another force which we might call consciousness, I can at least convince you that many of the conventional beliefs the majority of the population have on physics need to be re-examined, re-formed, and upgraded with the newfound knowledge derived from the experiments done in Quantum Phyiscs that directly contradict our mainstream paradigms.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

You create your own happiness

Humans seem to cope with their shortcomings by jumping from one addiction to the next: anything to avoid admitting their own flaws, and truly attempting to overcome them in order to become the person they want to be but are too afraid to try. Whether it's drugs, relationships, entertainment, or partying, people will do just about anything to avoid confronting their inner demons and overcoming the personality traits which are holding them back from living the life they were truly meant to live. I've seen it in myself, and I've seen it in just about everyone I've come in contact with over the years. Lets stop pretending life HAPPENS to us, and start living as the true creators we all are.

Monday, April 30, 2012

WalMart wants to save us from hunger!!

So I go put some code from a food box in this website to donate money to a local food bank so WalMart can pretend to be giving back to the community, and I see this.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This video really sums it all up. Don't believe blindly, just ask questions.

Not saying everything presented in this video is my opinion, but many of the ideas resonate with me, and I believe most of the content in this video should be questions we need to bring up in society.

Ask questions, keep an open mind, don't believe blindly everything you see (including this video).

The video speaks for itself, check it out, and do some research of your own rather than adopting these beliefs without question, or dismissing them blindly.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What is Utopia anyway

This world could be a utopia. 

Indeed it is, before an individual decides they know what is good for others, more than they do.

People say, wake up, like we live in the Matrix.

Perhaps one's ego is their matrix, and waking up is overcoming their own superiority complex long enough for the right hemisphere of the brain to kick in and remind them we are all consciousness, and couldn't possibly be "better" or "worse" than anything in our existence because we are inseparably part of everything we call reality.

Yet there are individuals out there who would hate me for saying this is possible.
No doubt equally numbered are their opposition, hating them for bringing such negativity into the world.

This is duality, but we need not choose sides. Let us learn instead to love all of creation, simply because we are all part of it. The "good" the "bad" are merely labels used to educate our eternal consciousness.

For the great illusion is not death.
The great illusion is not life.

The great illusion is that we must choose between the two.

I suppose the great question isn't  "why are we here?" or "where did we come from" or even "what are we?". The real question, the unasked question, is would we be ready for the answer if we heard it?

Monday, April 16, 2012

When is now?

This is an image, not a post. This is why it does not fit properly in the dimensions of the Blog. Forgive me. :-P